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The Goal of Let's Pray Together Blog
My goal for creating this blog is to centralize prayer requests from my subscriber and reader families. Over the years, I've received hundreds of prayer requests. Most from the Free Christian Game site I started over 10 years ago. Others via email and messenger and general correspondence from readership.

This is a safe zone for prayer. I will monitor the requests and responses to assure there is no profanity or inappropriate material posted. Once posted, I will share the prayer request on my Facebook Page Lynn R Davis Books, allowing others the opportunity to pray for you as well. "The prayers of the righteous avail much."

From my experience prayer requests generally fall into several common categories and I will begin with those:

  • Finances
  • Relationships
  • Emotional Stress
  • Health
  • Career & Business
  • Marriage
 There are a few other that escape my memory at the moment, but the aforementioned are the areas for which people request prayer most often.

How To Submit A Prayer Using Prayer Request Form ==>

You can submit one of two ways:
  1. Use the Prayer Request Form to the right of this page or
  2. Go to the page of your topic choice and submit your request in the comment form
Once I have taken a quick review, I will share it here so that others can support you and on the Facebook page as well. I heard a saying once and I believe it, "Where there is much prayer, there is much power."

Prayer Book Series

If you are new to my work, you may not know that I am an author. Last evening while praying about my next book project, I had an inspiration to write a book series about prayer. Not books that explain how to pray, but rather books that contain prayer requests from years past and example prayers to pray in response to those  requests.

I believe the prayers based on the requests I've received, will be a blessing to many. As we pray these prayers together for others, we will stand and believe that God will help us to work out our own challenges. The first book in the series, Let's Pray Together, will be released in February 2016.

With so many changes happening in our lives on a daily basis, we can never give up on prayer. Prayer is a tool and a mighty weapon in our faith arsenal. And when two agree, God says we shall have what we say. ""Again, truly I tell you that if two of you on earth agree about anything they ask for, it will be done for them by my Father in heaven." Matthew 18:19

Please Do Keep In Touch
If you've stumbled upon this blog before I have completely finished setting up, please like my Facebook page  or join my mailing list so that I can keep you updated.

Thank you for the visit. God bless you. And always remember two things (1)Prayer is powerful and (2) God answers prayer.

Blessings and Love

Lynn R Davis

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